Pythagoras Project



Exercise N.1: Cmaj7 5 voice version Version with octaves     

Chords with 1 approach note

Exercise N.2: Cmaj7 with 7 --> 6 resolution 3 voice version Version with ocataves
Different approach note 5 voice version  

Chords with moving tenths

Exercise N.3, with Cmaj7       5 voice version 5 voice version, with Cmaj6  

Chords with 2 approach notes from above

Exercise N.4, Cmaj7, drop 2 Inversion 5 voice version Triplet version
  Chromatic triplet version Drop2, 4 First inversion
  Second inversion
Third inversion  

Chords, chromatic approach notes from below

Exercise N.5: Cmaj6, drop 2, no 5. One approach note. 2 approach notes Triplet rhythm 3 approach notes
  4 approach notes Cmaj7 drop 2. Two approach notes  

Chords, approach notes from above and below

Exercise N.6: Cmaj6, double 7th.

2 notes converge to 6th

 2 notes converge to 6th

Chords, double approach (above and below)

Exercise N.7: Cmaj9, drop 2, with 2 approach notes, from above and below Close position Inverted version with doubling Approaching root and 6
  Approaching root and 6, inverted Introducing a skip Approaching root and 3rd
  Double approch with 4 voices    

Chords, inversions of drop 2. Two approach notes (pastel)

    Exercise N.8: Cmaj6 to Fmaj6 Chromatic triplet Chromatic 16th note feel  

V7 - I, with pastel      

Exercise N.9: E7 to B maj

Different inversion 1

  Different inversion 2


V7 (alt) - I      

Exercise N.10: Moving C7(alt) voicing

Different resolution

Move up all 4 inversions of Db7

Shift from Db7 to Db9

ii7 - V7    

Exercise N.11: Diverging chromatic approach

Diverging chromatic approach for 4 beats


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